Very Vanilla Flavor Creation

Very Vanilla – Our Newest Delicious Flavor!

Here’s how a new product comes alive at Jennies and gets to market………

We’re in the office at the plant and my Dad says, you know almost everything we make has Dark Chocolate in it, I want to create something that’s totally Vanilla based.  So he goes into the plant, grabs some ingredients, and starts playing around with different combinations.  In about an hour, the concept is born, Organic Moist Tender Coconut, Plant Based Marshmallows, Plant Based Vanilla Chips and Natural Vanilla!  He blends them together, adds a little more of this and a little less of that, and voila our brand new Very Vanilla Coconut Bites and Bars are born!  

So, what happens next?  It must get packaged right so that everyone can see how great it’s going to taste.  That’s where I come in! I call my amazing graphic artist Kelsey and we brainstorm about how we want the consumer to taste the product with their eyes.  We want them to know what’s inside the package within seconds of touching it and make the product look so appealing that they grab it to try!  Colors are chosen, product is photographed, and the design is created.  

Now, we must bring it to market.  Of course, it goes on our website so that consumers can buy it right away, but to get it out to the greatest number of people, it has to get to our distributors (Both UNFI & KeHE) and then to the retailers.  That’s where we are now so I’ll keep you posted on our retail locations, but we’ve already gotten into our first chain out in the Pacific Northwest called Roth’s and that’s before the product even hit the distributor warehouses so we’re off to a great start!


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