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8 oz. Certified Gluten Free Coconut Macaroon Can


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8 oz. can of coconut macaroons, approximately 13 macaroons per can. 12 Cans Per Case

4-simple ingredients make up this moist, tender, delicious Macaroon! The pure, simple taste of our Coconut baked to perfection creates a clean, unforgettable treat!

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Weight 8 oz
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8 oz.



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6 reviews for 8 oz. Certified Gluten Free Coconut Macaroon Can

  1. Maureen


  2. Jeff Sanford

    Best Macaroons EVER!!! Hands down the best tasting, gluten free, snack!

  3. mary holman

    I am allergic to practically everything, my nickname is Miss Anaphylaxis lol and consequently I have a really hard time trying to buy groceries especially treats which are full of artificial this and that, or a mile long list of unnecc additions; till now, I’ve had to make all my own treats for quality control. Coconut was always a safe food/healthy treat so for a long time, I made my own macaroons; while good, I didn’t always have them ready/onhand when a craving struck. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across Jennie’s in the market; checking the label, only 4 ingredients, all natural and sulfite free (sulfites can trigger an allergic reaction in anyone, and are an asthma trigger in general) to boot?!? It was like striking gold! Surely tho when I got them home, I’d be disappointed I was guessing; many all natural or low ingredient products end up quite dry and tasteless. I can’t count the amount of plain simple pure products I had gotten home only to toss after I discovered they were like cardboard, wasting both time and money. And of course, even if they turned out to be tolerable, theyd be no substitute for my own home made! You discuss it with your health care professional if you are thinking to take Viagra sample. Or you can ask a specialist. Sexologists can be involved in the management of sexual health problems. He can prescribe the medication if they know it’s appropriate for you. Cracking open into the old fashioned canister that reminded me of the general store goodies hereabouts, I tried one, preparing for the inevitable disappointment of store bought snacks. All I hoped for was something tolerable, having long ago given up on taste thanks to sensitivity/medical issues. As I slowly chewed, I was SHOCKED! how could FOUR ingredients produce something so luscious??? they were so moist, sweet and chewy I could have wrung them out and floated away on a river of happiness! these were even…better than home made! how could this be?!? I know now my macaroon baking days are over! I should be insulted, but they are too delicious to even resent for being better than my own! Happy day, these delectible little pillows of coconut clouds will be my new mommys hidden treat stash! they are so rich in flavor one or two is fine too, which is amazing as most treats cause you to scarf them
    down thx to high fat high sugar and regret them later! these are just right! 2 for 130 is very reasonable for what u get. I feel like I have discovered Willy Wonka’s; that great rush you used to get as a kid when you tried a new treat! Magic! THANK YOU JENNIE’S! c’est magnifique! your quality is appreciated! signed, your grateful public

  4. Hayley

    5 star gluten free (and general) food product. I purchased them for 1st time in November 2017 at local grocer. I kind of forgot about them as I mostly avoid sweets due to severe allergies of everything that this product lists it’s NOT made from. I opened the can up again, they were still surprisingly soft and tasty. I didn’t feel anxious or depressed after eating them, which is main reason why I avoid gluten, most sugar, dairy, wheat, and soy. I’ll be bringing these to family cookouts from now on and of course purchasing more for occasional personal consumption.

  5. Sherry Thomas

    I REALLY enjoy macaroons but they DON’T seem to be the most common treat out there, so that makes for a VERY limited selection that doesn’t seem to be the best sometimes.

    I FOUND Jennie’s macaroons at a health foods store & WoW! was I ever surprised! These are THE BEST macaroons I have ever had! I will definitely order more online.

    Thank you for sharing THE BEST cookies available!

  6. szgnnjkqtu

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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