First, there was Hyman, a man of impeccable honor who valued a hard day’s work.  Above all, Hyman was dedicated to supporting his family and determined in his entrepreneurial spirit.  Hyman’s son Edward took a keen interest in the chocolate business.  Edward was mesmerized by the aroma of the factory and the bustling of the people lovingly creating delicious marvels that melted in his mouth as he grew from a young boy to a man. 

Edward’s oldest son, nicknamed Gil, admired his father’s devotion to keeping the family’s business afloat and the tradition of working together a reality.  Gil brought a certain light to the company, a little swagger to the negotiation, and a masterful sense of chocolate.  He had the vision of how to continue the family tradition and make it better than ever so that his two daughters could follow in the family’s footsteps.

Embracing young employees, Gil thought of his factory not as a place to work, but a place where the family gathered and created together to bring sweetness to market.  Gil’s inclusive philosophy has gained the respect and steadfast allegiance from his work-family, his suppliers, and customers across the country.  The next generation, Gil’s two daughters, Lainie and Lauren, have joined the ranks. Never shy in rolling up their sleeves at the factory to pitch in, Lanie and Lauren’s contributions have likewise brought new collaborative strategies, marketing ideas, and the use of technology to broaden the reach of Gil’s dream. 

Employees at the factory are generational, familial and their contributions to Gil’s dream are equally important and recognized.  Gil is strictest when it comes to the safety of his workers, but equally demanding in the quality of Jennie’s products that leave the factory.  Gil is more interested in getting it right, than getting it fast.  The past year has been a challenge for all of us, but we kept every employee on payroll, knowing that they too have families, with needs and responsibilities, and that our talent and the skills of our employees are not easily replaced.

Gil recognizes the importance of family life outside the factory, as time has taught him that employees need to rest, relax, and recharge if they are going to give their best while on the clock.  We work a 4-day week, allowing for long weekends and family time.  The family is particularly proud of the diverse reach of their work-family, embracing executive-level equality and diversity amongst race, gender, and gender identity, with respect for inclusion and growth opportunities for all. 

While our story is generational, it reminds us that family businesses have much to contribute.  Jennies is family-owned and managed, which means they can make decisions that are not solely driven by economic results or profit. Jennies takes into consideration family values, tinkering the recipes to come up with better ones even if the better ones require more expensive ingredients. Life has taught us not to take shortcuts because they often lead to dead ends, and always operating the business to strive for innovation, continued development of loyalty within the family, family-workers and consumers, knowing that these long-term investments in the people and products will always shine.

Our Environmental Efforts : Our company is truly fortunate to have our own artesian wells on-site allowing us to use our wells for all the water needs for the factory.  We have fully insulated our ceilings with special insulation that significantly reduces the amount of electricity required to cool or heat the plant during the Northeast Pennsylvania winter and summer seasons. In addition, we fully recycle all used corrugated and have replaced our lighting with LED bulbs to help reduce our impact on the environment.